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Sunbed Hire In Northwich, Cheshire

Nov 24

Northwich Sunbed Hire is the most popular home-hire sunbed company in the area. We carefully select our sunbeds to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Our sunbeds can produce a beautiful, deep tan while also being portable enough to fit discreetly into almost any house or commercial setting.

A home sunbed can give you a perfect tan. The UV exposure is controlled specifically to minimise overexposure and to avoid burning.

Sunlight is vital to human existence. A sunbed at home allows you to expose your skin to ultraviolet light safely and comfortably. A home sunbed can provide many wellness benefits, including of course a tan.

We recommend that you always use a sensible approach when tanning.

Fast Tan Sunbed Hire in The Northwich Area

Our Stand Up Sunbeds require approximately 1 meter of floor space. They must be placed near a dual outlet. They plug directly into your home supply and are very affordable to operate.

Our extensive range of Sunbeds are innovative and we have new stock all the time. You can be the first to experience the amazing tanning power of our Double Elite Sunbed, Canopy Sunbeds and Vertical Sunbeds. They are all available for hire right at your home.

Get Your Perfect Tan Today

Our track record is excellent in delivering and collecting sunbeds for home hire on time. We offer a great selection of tan accelerators that will enhance your tan, and prolong it. Ask when you book your sunbed rental.

Call us for more information today. Contact details are on our website.