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7 Best Cheese Gifts & gift ideas for Christmas 2021

Dec 1

A Review of Cheese Gift Boxes from The Cheese Society

The Cheese Society – Overview

The Cheese Society are unique as they run a highly rated and much-loved Cheese restaurant in addition to selling artisan cheese in their shop. In other words, they sell what they eat and serve in their shop. Happily, we can now buy Cheese Gift Sets (similar to Cheese Hampers) online. I believe this is one of the “hidden gems” for any cheese lovers in the UK but below are some images of just why.

🎄Top Gift Boxes for Christmas 2021🎅


Taste of Lincolnshire – Cheese Gift Box for Christmas

Lincolnshire Cheese gift box

The Taste of Lincolnshire selection is one of the best-sellers at The Cheese Society and a pick of some of the best cheeses from the County. A brilliant example of many award-winning and local cheesemakers.

Serves up to 6 people. Price £36    

Includes is a range of firm-textured cheeses including LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER, a soft blue COTE HILL BLUE, and a smoked cheese SMOKED LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER.

The delivery arrives complete with a locally made MODENS PLUM BREAD, a soft fruit loaf that works beautifully with the cheeses in this delivery. Spread the plum bread liberally with butter and top with your Lincolnshire cheese of choice. Delicious with a cup of tea!

  1. Pack includes

    Lincolnshire Poacher
    Weight: approx 200g.
    A hard, mature cheese that is somewhere between a cheddar and a Swiss mountain cheese.

    Cote Hill Blue
    Weight: approx 200g.
    A superb unpasteurised blue cheese made in Lincolnshire, similar in style to a soft textured blue brie, creamy with a definite sharpness and rich, complex flavours. The cheese is encased in a thin grey rind.  

    Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher
    Weight: approx 200g.
    Smooth textured cheese with a cheddar character. Lightly oaked smoked.

    Weight: approx 200g.
    Lindum is a washed rind, cow’s milk cheese from the Cote Hill Dairy in Lincolnshire.  

    Lincolnshire Red
    Weight: approx 200g.
    A cheese from the makers of Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, made using fresh unpasteurised local milk.

    Lincolnshire Plum Bread
    Weight: approx 400g.
    Traditional Lincolnshire Plumbread from Modens Bakery. Fruity, spicy and moist and delicious served with Lincolnshire Poacher or Cote Hill Blue cheese. Weighs approx 400g.

Seasonal Classics Gift Box for Christmas 2021

cheese gifts for Christmas


Seasonal Classics Cheese Collection contains five of the best British, seasonal, artisan favourites chosen for their popularity, flavour profiles and outstanding representation of British cheesemaking.

Included in the delivery is an unusual and delicious BAKED FIG BALL from Seggiano, a sticky and sweet vine leaf wrapped ball of pressed, cooked figs that create a deep, almost liquorice flavour. 

Also included is a pack of WELBECK Four-seed Sourdough crackers which are incredibly popular and have flavours of fresh bread and toasted seeds.

This curated selection makes a superb cheeseboard and is a delicious journey of incredible British Cheesemaking.

Serves up to 6 people. Price £40


Pack includes

Weight:  200g.
A full-flavoured and unique Stilton-style, English blue cheese made by Joe Schneider on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire.

Cornish Yarg
Weight: 200g.
The cheese is light-textured with fresh citrus notes. The cheeses are carefully wrapped in nettle leaves, giving a distinctive finish and subtle herbaceous flavour.  

Gorwydd Caerphilly
Weight: 200g.
An artisan, raw milk, naturally rinded, cloth-bound Caerphilly cheese, originally made in the shadows of the Cambrian mountains, but since 2014 near Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset.

Quickes Extra Mature Cheddar
Weight: 200g.
A full-flavoured, clothbound, fresh milk cheddar matured for a longer length of time to achieve a greater depth of flavour.

Baron Bigod Brie
Weight: 200g.
Baron Bigod is an exquisite Suffolk made, bloomy unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese.

Four seed Sourdough Crackers
Weight: 100g.
Nottinghamshire based Welback Bakery create these crackers from their fresh sourdough loaves, creating a crunchy four seed cracker perfect for cheese.

Baked Fig Ball
Weight: 110g.
The sweet, sticky fig paste is wrapped in fig leaves.

Christmas Cheeseboard – Cheese Giftbox for Christmas 2021


Christmas Cheese Gift Box

 A selection of the best cheeses of Christmas. The Cheese Society cheesemongers have curated some of their personal favourites, best-sellers and of course some seasonal greats. They have created a brilliant selection of cheese for you to enjoy all Christmas long. Whether you are choosing this selection as a gift for friends and family or you’re buying for yourself and your household to enjoy over Christmas, you will be in for a real festive treat with this Christmas Cheeseboard Giftbox.


Serves 4 – 8 people. Price: £45.00

Christmas Cheeseboard Pack includes

Baron Bigod Brie

Weight: 200g. Baron Bigod is an exquisite Suffolk made, bloomy unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese.

Colston Bassett Stilton PDO

Weight: 200g. Regarded as one of the best traditionally made naturally crusted Stiltons in the country, this cheese is mature, with good blueing and rich, deep, herbaceous flavours that linger on the palate.

Ecorse de Sapin

Weight: 200g. Spruce wrapped soft, craft cow's milk cheese with a slightly woody taste and rich, succulent, creamy centre.

Vintage Red Fox

Weight: 200g. A Red Leicester style cheese with a crunch, Red Fox has a smooth, mellow flavour and a flaky, open texture.

Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar

Weight: 200g truckle. A firm pressed, distinctively burgundy-waxed cheddar with a rich, mellow, full lingering flavour. Hand made in Somerset from the farm's own cattle, this vintage cheddar has a memorable and exceptionally creamy full flavour.

Hawkshead Chutney

Weight: 200g. Handmade fruity chutney from the Hawkshead Company in the Lake District.

Savoury Biscuits

Weight: 100g. A pack of savoury biscuits ideal for serving with cheese.

Bake your Bert Giftbox for Christmas

Camembert Cheese Gift Box


This is the delivery for those who love soft dipping cheeses and want an easy way to create a delicious grazing dinner for themselves and their friends to enjoy. Baked Camembert is always so popular and really easy to make at home, add your favourite extras and accompaniments for a delicious soft cheese feast.

The delivery arrives with everything you could possibly need for a Baked Camembert. The delivery comes with:

1 An English Camembert TUNWORTH described by RAYMOND BLANC as “the best Camembert in the world!!”. This cheese is ideal for baking and dipping and turns into a soft, liquid delicacy.

  1. The delivery includes sharp and sweetCORNICHONPickles, Italian ANTIPASTO CURED MEATS and 

3. WELBECK Bakehouse four seed sourdough crackers. These crackers are so popular with our customers and ideal for dipping in the baked cheese.

  1. The delivery comes complete with a recipe on ‘how to’ bake your cheese so you can dine on the cheese as soon as it arrives.

The RECIPE on how to Bake your ‘Bert’ (Tunworth) and as many extras for dipping as you feel necessary.

Serves up to 2 people. Price: £26.00

Cheesons Greetings Gift for Christmas 2021

Cheese Gift Ideas fo Christmas


A delicious delivery of two seasonal cheeses, a triple cream soft cheese and a classic cave-aged cheddar along with sourdough crackers and fruit chutney. Ideal for one person or for two people to enjoy. The ideal selection for friends and family who are notoriously hard to buy for and who have everything. A delightful delivery and the perfect gift this Christmas.


Pack includes

Weight: 200g.
This triple-cream cheese has a melt-in-the-mouth, velvety texture, with an orangey-white pillowy texture with milky, creamy and slightly herbaceous flavours. A decadent individual cheese that is delicious enjoyed at room temperature or divine oven-baked.

Wookey Hole Cheddar PDO
Weight: 200g.
A rich, nutty, flavoursome typical cheddar - perfect to enjoy with a fruity chutney and an ale.

Four seed Sourdough Crackers
Weight: 100g.
Nottinghamshire based Welback Bakery create these crackers from their fresh sourdough loaves, creating a crunchy four seed cracker perfect for cheese.

Hawkshead Chutney
Weight: 200g.
Handmade fruity chutney from the Hawkshead Company in the Lake District.

Serves up to 2 people. Price: £24.00

Get Your Cheese Gift Box for Christmas Now

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Monthly Subscription Gift Boxes

Gifts for Christmas or any other occasion

What You Get

Five hand-cut, seasonal, artisan pieces of cheese from the UK and the Continent at 200g per cheese every month. Included are new discoveries and traditional favourites, carefully selected by The Cheese Society resident cheese experts. These cheesemongers cut, wrap and pack the cheeses by hand and send them out perfectly packaged with tasting notes.

Types of Subscriptions

Monthly Cheese subscriptions allow you to choose how big your gift will be. Plans are 1 month, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months or 12 months. The cheeses sent are different every month, so you get a seasonal selection of 5 kinds of cheese every time.

How it Works

Pick your Cheese Subscription. You choose your delivery dates and these can be as spaced out as you like – if you need to change anything simply contact the Cheese Society here.

Summary of Cheese Subscriptions Gifts for Christmas 2021

This is a great gift for anyone even if you know little about cheese as you get experts to select the best of the best and you come out smelling of roses for the great selection. Also of course is that this can be a gift that reminds your friends and loved ones at regular intervals even after Christmas. The ability to space out deliveries means you could organise deliveries for Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and be set for the coming year knowing your loved one will get a present.

Choose Your Cheese Subscription for Christmas Now