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FIVE OPPORTUNITY STATES THAT ARE the most suitable for solar power in 2022

Jan 17

Renewable energy has grown in popularity and necessity as time passes and solar power is now an increasingly important priority. The trend for 2022 that can be easily identified is the decreasing importance of geography when deciding the state's status as a leader or not when it comes to solar power.

In order to help you identify which states are at the top of the solar race to determine the top states in the solar race, the Solar Energy Industries Association publishes its quarterly rankings of each state's strength in the solar industry.



The Golden State of California is regularly often ranked top on U.S. state lists that excel in solar energy. California gets nearly 300 sunny or partly sunny days each year. California began to create laws that promoted green energy back in the year 1976, making it an early adopter of solar energy.

California has 25% of its electricity powered through solar power. In addition, the state has invested over $73 billion in solar technologies, as well as tax incentives and tax breaks for residents who have solar panels installed. There are more than 2000 solar-powered companies in my area in the state , and over 8 million homes powered by solar energy.


Texas is also one of the best states in the country for solar energy manufacturing and in installation.

The Lone Star State boasts a solar energy investment in excess of $14 billion. Additionally, it has more than 1 million homes that are powered by solar. So far in 2022, Texas has added 1,525 megawatts of solar capacity. equal to 45% of the capacity that was installed in the entire year 2020.

Texas gets just over 2.8% of its total electricity from solar power, however the state is ranked first in the nation in residential solar panel installation.


The mid-Atlantic state of North Carolina might not be the first U.S. state to come to mind when thinking about solar power. The state is nonetheless ranked 3rd because of its sunshine and generous exemptions.

Long stretches of sunny days allow North Carolina to get 8.05 percent of its electricity generated by solar energy -- which is higher than Texas and Florida together. The North Carolina Solar Property Tax Exemption policy offers a substantial income tax credit, which encourages residents to use solar power in record amounts.

North Carolina has over 800,000 homes powered by solar energy . The state has the total solar investment is more than $10 billion.


It's not surprising that Florida is among the top solar powers in the United States with a nickname as the Sunshine State.

The total state investment in solar energy and technology is $10.5 billion. Around 4% of electricity in the state comes from solar. Solar power is used to power over 900,000.

In 2022, Florida added 525 megawatts of solar capacity that represented 19% of the capacity installed in 2020 and 7% of the total capacity. The state has almost doubled its total solar capacity in just over a year.


Arizona is second in the nation for solar energy-related investments with a total value of $14.3 billion. The Grand Canyon State's dedication to solar power pay off with around 8.5% of its electricity comes from panels

Arizona has about 306 solar companies within the state including 57 manufacturers and 144 installers. There are also 105 labeled as other. These companies generate more than 7000 jobs within the solar industry.

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