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How to Make Your Garage Door More Secure

Jan 18

It is essential to protect your home security. You must ensure that you, your family, and your belongings safe from prying hands and eyes. The garage door is an incredibly common entry point that is often overlooked. This article will discuss the various methods you can use to ensure your garage is secured to ensure your home is secure.

What Types of Garages Compare: A Short Introduction

There are a variety of ways to ensure the security of the garage door. However, some are more secure than the others. The following article will focus on roller doors, panel lift/sectional doors, and tilt garage doors.

Roller Doors

Roller Doors, especially automated roller doors, are the best alternative for garage doors in Fayetteville, NC. An intruder is not able to gain entry to your house from any location. To ensure they are secure, install a double-skinned metal secure locking system that is dependable and durable as well as quality side rails. Adding strengthened top and bottom slates can also prevent break-ins.

Panel Lift/Sectional Doors

Although a sectional or panel lift door isn't quite as secure as a roller door, they don't offer potential thieves the opportunity to gain access to your garage. These doors are fully protected by a sturdy steel frame that requires the use of an opener for garage doors or tools.

Garage Doors Tilt

Of the three options, the tilt garage door is the least secure (although you can put in security measures to stop possible burglars). WeFixIt Garage Door & Gate recommends the euro cylinder antisnap lock and a multi-point locking mechanism for tilt garage doors. This will help ensure the door is secure if someone were to try to open the lock by drilling it or force it open another method.

How Do You Help Make My Garage Door More Secure?

To ensure that your garage door is safe, there are extra security measures you can take. Three of them:

Motorized Garage Door

One benefit of a motorized door means that there is no handle that potential burglars could employ to attempt to break it open. Without a proper garage door opener motorized doors are nearly impossible to break.

If you'd like to be extra careful it is possible to unplug the motor when you're at home during the day and replug it in the next day. Because the modern garage door openers typically have a scrambling method to make it difficult for thieves to "grab the code", this is generally not necessary.

Home Security System

A security system for your home will go a long way in keeping away criminals. Knowing that your home is secured will make a burglar be more cautious before trying to burglary. You can see your home from the street using motion sensors, as well as other evident devices. Thieves have trained themselves to spot these systems and will be less likely to enter your house.

Motion Detector Lights

Thieves generally prefer to work in the dark to reduce the possibility of being noticed or recognised. Installing motion detection lights on the garage door will aid in keeping them away from your home. They are a good method to inform you or your neighbors to the presence of someone close to your house, which could potentially cause the burglar to be identified. Many will go in search of a better area to attack.

Motion detector lights are also occasionally connected to a home security camera, which means that people could be caught on camera. Lights are a great method to protect your home and garage.

Garage Door Timer

If you are prone to forgetting to shut your garage door after you have used it, you could benefit from using the garage door timer. Install garage doors located in Fayetteville NC with a sensor and a timer. The sensor can tell if your garage door is shut or open. The sensor will detect if the garage door is shut or open for a set period of time. Once that time is up, it will shut off immediately, safeguarding your garage and home.

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