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Chandelier Cleaning Service Near Me in London

Apr 18

Latest Chandelier Cleaning London News


 We are very excited to announce the latest services being offered by Rocco Borghese Chandeliers in London. The Rocco Borghese chandelier cleaning and chandelier installation services which were once only offered to their own clients have now been made available to all.


London Chandelier Cleaning Services Near Me


  1. Rocco Borghese Chandeliers - designs high-end chandeliers. More important however is that they also manufacture and install all their chandeliers. They have been doing this since 1824 and so have an extensive range of experience when it comes to dealing with chandeliers. No other chandelier cleaners can match their years of expertise in chandeliers

In addition to Chandelier cleaning Rocco Borghese’s team of lighting experts can repair and install chandeliers for you. With two lighting showrooms (Chelsea & Crouch End, N8) they are well-positioned to serve much of London. In addition to the 2 London showrooms, they also have a location in Hertfordshire.

  1. V & A Chandelier Cleaning Limited – Ostensibly this company has numerous locations from Hertfordshire to Enfield, Crouch End and Broxbourne to mention a few. However, on closer review, our team at this website were not convinced as all telephone numbers were the same. Also when we went to look at their Crouch End office it turned out to be an accountant. *** We strongly advise that you do not click on their website ( because it engages in deceptive practices to try and get all visitors to agree to receive notifications, before redirecting the visitor to a website not related to chandeliers. All in all too many underhand tactics online and we say “Stay clear of this one”*****
  2. Elite Chandeliers – A Family run business who have a good reputation for chandelier maintenance and cleaning. This company is based in Hornsey, North London. Coming a close second to Rocco Borghese in longevity this company started it seems in 1910. Elite Chandeliers have always been known for chandelier cleaning and have never designed or manufactured lighting of any sort.

Our team were concerned that this company showed an address (Regent Street) that on inspection was not their office at all. However, we were able to establish that Elite Chandeliers Ltd are based around North London.

Other services offered by Elite Chandeliers are Load testing, Storage and Chandelier Winch systems.

Overall Elite Chandeliers have a very focused approach to all things related to chandelier maintenance & removals. Sadly, their website has been poorly designed so it is very difficult (not impossible) to navigate.

Unlike V & A Chandelier Cleaning this company is perfectly safe to use and together with Rocco Borghese Chandeliers would be a good choice if you want your chandeliers cleaned.


How often does your chandelier need cleaning?

The frequency of chandelier cleaning depends on certain factors such as the chandelier’s age, shape, size, height and location. Our friendly team are able to offer expert advice on the ideal cleaning intervals for your chandelier.

What is Involved in a Professional Chandelier Cleaning?

The team of lighting experts at Rocco Borghese Chandeliers provides state-of-the-art chandelier cleaning in London, as well as chandelier restoration & chandelier installation services.

Your chandelier cleaning will include the following 

  • Removal of dirt and dust deposits
  • Buffing of body, frame and fitting & metal pieces
  • Replacement of light bulbs & light fittings
  • On-site service using only the best-Recommended chandelier cleaning products & Techniques 
  • Professional chandelier manufacturers & installers
  • Expert craftsmen working on your chandelier
  • Chandelier cleaning machine & chandelier cleaning spray
  • Experience working in large homes and commercial properties.
  • Comprehensive insurance to carry out all restoration, cleaning, and installation projects


Rocco Borghese Chandeliers, London 

 The Architectural lighting designers at Rocco Borghese have worked to create lighting in cathedrals, palaces and some of the finest hotels and homes around the world. They are therefore fully insured and aware of all safety requirements in each country.

Having installed so many chandeliers globally the team at Rocco Borghese know exactly what equipment will be needed to access and if needed to remove any chandelier for cleaning.

Alongside cleaning services, Rocco Borghese can also provide a chandelier electrical testing service to make sure your lighting is safe and in perfect condition.

Chandelier Cleaning Near Me

The only chandelier cleaning service in London that did not pretend to disguise where their offices are or engage in other less reputable practices is, therefore, Rocco Borghese Chandeliers. They do actually have 2 showrooms and offices in London “exactly” as shown on their website. Interestingly one in North London and one in Chelsea, so definitely able to cover most of London when it comes to cleaning chandeliers.

Below are the London Chandelier Cleaning details:

Rocco Borghese Crouch End

Rocco Borghese Chandeliers

59 Park Rd, London N8 8DP


Rocco Borghese Chelsea

Rocco Borghese Chandeliers

488 King's Rd, London SW10 0LF



  • nfortunately, we are unable to show maps for Elite Chandeliers as they chose to hide their true location. That said they are a reputable company and certainly know the chandelier cleaning business

Why use a Chandelier Manufacture for Chandelier Clening?

So we mentioned that Rocco Borghese is the only company that also designs and manufactures chandeliers, below is a video to illustrate just how intricate chandeliers can get and why sometimes a professional chandelier designer should be considered as the best chandelier cleaning solution.

Conclusion to hiring a chandelier cleaning company 

Bottom line, if you have an expensive chandelier or a chandelier of large proportions then it is worth investing in the best chandelier cleaning service in London - one that until recently was only available to a select few.