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Hillhaven condo at Hillview Rise is a magnificent new property development in the heart of western Singapore

Sep 12

The Hillhaven condominium is accessible via public transportation.Even if you don't have a car, the location will be convenient. Hillview MRT Station (Downtown Line) is conveniently located nearby. Hillview MRT Station (Downtown Line) is nearby, allowing you to travel immediately to Bugis, Chinatown, Marina Bay, the Central Business District, and many other attractions.

Hillhaven Condo is designed to meet the needs of varied homeowners while also providing convenience and comfort in one of the city's most sought-after neighbourhoods. Hillhaven, which is roughly six minutes from the Hillview MRT station, will eventually contain 335 homes. The developers have made every effort to assure the convenience and comfort of future inhabitants, with all amenities within walking distance.

This will improve your lifestyle in the serene and beautiful Hillview neighborhood. In District 23's Hillview Rise, Singapore, Hillhaven condo convenience is just a two-minute walk uphill to HillV2 and a walk of 6 minutes to Hillview MRT Station, you will be in awe. Hillview MRT Station, you will be able to access many amenities.

As a result, Hillhaven was built to be as convenient as possible for potential inhabitants.Both businesses have a strong track record of success and have finished numerous projects.

The Far East Organization company built some of Singapore's most stunning buildings. It was founded by Ng Teng Fong, and with over 750 successfully completed projects to its name, it is Singapore's leading private property development business. The company also builds hotels, houses, and shopping centers. It is one of the most well-known charity organizations in the United States, and it is more than just a building manufacturer.

It is also simple to travel by car because the condominium is close to all major routes in the area, including the Bukit Timah Expressway, Pan Island Express Way, and Bukit Timah Road. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, getting to your destination will only take a few minutes.

HillV2 Mall is one of the most attractive structures in the region and one of the most stunning structures in Hillview. It is home to a variety of retail establishments that provide a variety of market items to Hillhaven Condo owners. As a result, you won't have to travel far to buy the necessities.


Hillhaven is the result of an alliance between two well-known developers, Far East Organization and Sekisui House Limited. The two firms share the same views when it comes down to the development of real estate.

The partner of the company in the venture, Sekisui House Limited, is a well-known Japanese property developer which has completed projects across the globe. In the past the two organizations shared the same vision, and therefore they decided to collaborate together to develop the project. The company was established in the year 1960. Since its inception, it has seen numerous milestones.

A few notable developments Far East Organisation and Sekisui House Limited designed are Hillsta, One Holland Village, Rivertrees Residences, Wood Square and many more. 

In addition to the shopping mall, there's centers in the mall which host events and community programs. They are both educational and fun in the same time. It is the Busy Bees Learning Centre and Novel Learning Centre.

If you're a fan of fitness and are looking to get fitter and trim, or shed a few weight, Anytime Fitness is the best place to be. If your pet is a part of the family The Pet Lovers Centre is an perfect place to pamper them.

The Community Club has several eateries which offer a variety of alternatives. It also offers Zumba or boogie bounce, as well as martial arts. The club also offers other facilities such as a basketball and badminton court as well as a dance studio, as well as large halls that are suitable to host various occasions.

Dining Options near Hillhaven

In terms of food, Singapore has plenty to provide. There are numerous restaurants in every area, cafes and fast-food outlets and visitors will always be able to choose from a variety of choices. The best part is the fact that all of the restaurants to eat are close by and you do not have to travel far.

Hillview area also has numerous restaurants that serve different dishes. If you're not looking to leave you can visit HillV2 Mall and the HillV2 Mall and the Hillview Community Centre offer a range of restaurants and cafes serving authentic meals from various food styles.

If, for instance, you are looking for the authentic Italian food, then the IO ITALIAN OSTERIA at the HillV2 mall is an area that you must go to. It offers a variety of pasta dishes and bruschetta as well as main courses including antipasti, main courses and drinks. The restaurant opens at 11 am on weekdays, Monday to Friday, until 10am on Saturdays and Sunday until 10 pm (all week long).

CEDELE Bakery Kitchen is also an eatery and cake shop located in HillV2 Mall that offers takeaway and dine-in options. The bakery offers a range of choices for diners to dine-in or to place orders.

SPRUCE has also become a well-known restaurant within the HillV2 mall, where you are able to have a variety of meals based on your preferences and needs. The restaurant opens a little earlier, starting at 10:10 am during the week, and 9 am on weekends.

Do you enjoy slurping on Ice creams? If so, the Bing Bing Ice Cream Gallery located at hillV2 mall is the place you can indulge in your favorite flavors. The gallery is open from 11 am until 10 pm, so you can visit at anytime between the hours.

The best part of this Ice Cream place is that its products are free of trans-fats and egg-free. It is possible to enjoy Ice creams, as well in cakes, shakes or as a dessert with waffles. The shop also has personalized products that allow you to make unique designs for special occasions.

Other well-known restaurants and fast food establishments and cafes in the mall are CHOGA, Burger King, JIAK, Starbucks, Tandoori Culture, The New Ting, Wine Connection Bistro, Sarpino's Pizza and Joyden Canton Kitchen.

In addition to shopping at the mall, one can take a bite in Hillview Community Club. Hillview Community Club, as numerous restaurants offer delicious food. Participate in thrilling activities and eat at one of the eateries.

The Wang Family Kitchen is one of the most frequently visited restaurants in the area. The restaurant serves traditional Korean food in an all-you-can-eat buffet that starts at $18.90. The menu is constantly changing and you'll be able to try different things each time you come. Some of the most requested dishes on the menu include Beef Bone Soup (Seollongtang) Spicy gallbi made of pork (Dwaeji-galbi) Slices of pork boiled (Bossam) and spicy garlic-fried chicken (Kkanpunggi).

The center also has an Domino's Pizza outlet where you can relax and enjoy some light refreshments. Certain restaurants also offer Singaporean, Chinese and even Halal food. Therefore, there's something for everyone and you can rest certain that the food will are authentic, no matter what type of cuisine they are serving.

Schools near Hillhaven

Famous educational institutions such as CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, German European School Singapore and Assumption English School offer excellent education, extracurricular activities as well as sports.

Other schools in close proximity to Hillhaven comprise Assumption English School and Assumption Pathway School.

Parks near Hillhaven

Singapore is a city that is dotted with high-rises however, plenty of greenery can be found. If you're lucky enough to live in the Hillhaven condominium because it's located near numerous nature parks. Your family and friends can take in the fresh air and be in the outdoors whenever you like. You can hike or biking through Bukit Timah National Park.

The Dairy Farm Park and the Wallace Education Centre are places where you can relax in the natural beauty of Singapore and also learn about its diverse diversity of species. In addition, the Bukit Batok Town Park Glendale Park, Hillview Park and Hinhede Nature Park are places where you can take in the beauty of nature.

The Rail Corridor was an important railway route in the past, to transport goods and commuters from Singapore as well as Malaysia. It is now transformed into a recreation trail. It is a great place to walk. Rail Corridor is yet another thrilling area to enjoy nature when you have some spare time.